Monday, 1 June 2015

Cambrian Mountains Design Challenge 2015

I was very pleased to be a finalist in the Cambrian Mountains Design Challenge.  The aim of the project was to design and make a project using Cambrian Mountains wool from the heart of Wales.  I submitted designs for furniture pieces upholstered with fabric made using the wool.  My design used a traditional Aran stitch, combined with crochet, my first piece that combined both knit and crochet in the same pieces.  The project was perfect for my focus on British wool - the Cambrian wool was lovely to work with and was very suited to the fabrics I had designed.  A variety of pieces have been made by designers using the wool, and the pieces will be on a tour of the UK until the end of 2015.  Details of the exhibition venues can be found on the Cambrian Wool website

                                                           The Cambrian Chair
                                           Detail of the traditional Aran stitch used

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